Welcome to the family- friendly, very well equipped adventure farm Bruetschi- Hof in Schopfheim- Enkenstein.


arriving, feeling comfortable, being together, relaxing, seeing something new and having fun, leaving your cares behind…

playing, romping around, climbing, discovering, building, jumping and leaping around…


Our bright and stylish holiday home is located in a quiet part of the beautiful Wiesental. The 3 high- quality holiday apartments with modern facilities offer a magnificent view.

The ideal location at the crossroads of Germany - France - Switzerland offers plenty of opportunities for families, couples as well as small groups to spend their vacation days.

All apartments are equipped to meet all the requirements even a demanding vacationer is expecting.

The beautiful ambience in the magnificent countryside as well as the small animal park with llamas, ponies and rabbits is ideally suited for families with small children. The land around our house as well as the additionally accessible forest- and meadow areas offer plentiful opportunities for activity holidays. The expectations of the parents as well those of their children will be met.

The surrounding area, from the river Rhine via the Wiesental to the Feldberg Mountain is characterized by a lovely scenery, good gastronomy, historic sites, and beautiful towns with a multitude of leisure offerings for families with children.